Did He Or Didn't He?

Manchester United players wives and friends arrive at Old Trafford
Did Nemanja Vidic’ agent say that he wanted to leave Old Trafford for Barcelona or didn’t he? There were some quotes yesterday (apparently said by Vidic’ agent) which I didn’t take too much notice of and there have been some more quotes today.

Over the past few seasons Vidic has been a massive part of Man United’s success and there is no doubt that Man United fans want him to stay. There had been reports that Vidic’ wife wasn’t happy in Manchester but they have been rubbished.

Yesterday, this is apparently what Paolo Fabbri said on Barcelona radio station RAC1:

"Vidic would be delighted to play at Barcelona as his dream is to go to the Spanish league"
"We have to analyse the situation but, being realistic, things are complicated at the moment. The team have just lost Ronaldo and Tevez and they do not want to lose another important piece of their starting XI once again."

More quotes have surfaced today and this time Fabbri apparently said:

“This is not true,” Fabbri said. “I never said these things. Nemanja is happy in Manchester. If Barcelona do make an offer for him then it is up to United to make a decision”.

I have said this before and I am sure that Vidic will be going no where. I firmly believe that Vidic is more professional than Cristiano Ronaldo, he won’t come out to the press and start saying stupid stuff, he won’t sulk and he will carry on the way he has been over the past few seasons.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would trust Vidic but not his agent. Most of the time that is who is causing the problem. Anyway hope he stays. Hes a monster in the middle of defense and we NEED him right now

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your comment. I only properly believe stuff if I see someone come out on camera and say it.

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