Champions League Draw LIVE

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11:36- Thats it for the live coverage, I will bring you reaction to the AC Milan/Man United tie and the contract extension Ryan Giggs has signed.Plus a post on a few idiots who are saying that the Man United/Wolves game was fixed.

11:35- If we do beat AC Milan and go through, there is a chance that we could play Real Madrid. David Beckham will get a far better reception than Cristiano Ronaldo.

11:31- AC Milan have a good record against us, it's time to change that. AC Milan have played United four times in a European competition and have gone through all four times.

11:30- BREAKING NEWS- Ryan Giggs has signed a one year extension on his contract. More to come on that.

11:28- Arsenal have a fairly kind draw but Man United and Chelsea have been drawn the difficult ones. I think we have a good chance against the Italian side, it would have been worse if they still had Kaka but we shouldn't fear anyone.

11:25- First leg ties to be played on the 16/17 and 23rd/24th March- spread over two weeks this season. Second legs to be played 9/10 and 16/17 March.

11:23-  That means that David Beckham will return to Old Trafford with AC Milan and Jose Mourinho will return to Stamford Bridge with Inter Milan

11:23 -  AC Milan vs Man United

11:22- Porto vs Arsenal

 11:21- Lyon vs Real Madrid

 11:20- CSKA Moscow vs Sevilla

11:19- Bayern Munich vs Fiorentina

11:18- Inter Milan vs Chelsea

11:17- Olympiakos vs Bordeaux

11:16- Stuttgart vs Barcelona

11:16- The draw is finally underway

11:13-  They are now doing the 'technical explanations'. It really isn't that hard to understand

11:07- We should only be minutes away now

11:03- Preliminaries are underway and this is going to be drawn out as usual, why can't they just go straight to the draw?

11:00- Group winners- Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Fiorentina and Bordeaux. Man United can't face any of those or CSKA Moscow who were in their group.

10:59  - Man United can't be drawn against the other group winners, teams from the same country are kept apart and the teams who met in the group stage are also kept apart.

10:54  - I think it is fair to say that Man United wouldn't want to be drawn against AC Milan, Inter Milan and possibly Bayern Munich. Since we did finish top of the group United will play the home leg second.

10:50 -The draw for the final 16 of the Champions League is about to start shortly. In the rehersals Man United were drawn against AC Milan. Chelsea had Olypiakos and Arsenal had Inter Milan.

Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Porto, Lyon, Inter Milan, Stuttgart and Olympiakos.

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