Ljajic Talks About Why He Didn't Join Man United

On the 3rd December this year it was revealed that Man United abandoned a deal which would see Adem Ljajic join United. A Man United spokesman said that it was because he had not developed enough:

"We had an option to buy the player but, having closely monitored his development over past 12 months, and taken into the consideration the young players emerging through the ranks, we have chosen not to pursue the transfer."

Man United assistant manager Mike Phelan said that it was because of difficulties over gaining a work permit and Ljajic has agreed with Phelan. Ljajic says it wasn’t because of his footballing skills but because of permit problems.

Ljajic told Serbian newspaper Danas: "Stories about stagnation in my football development are nonsense.
"If Manchester United were really not satisfied with how much I've progressed in this year, I would not have been with Ferguson two months ago at the end of my last cycle of mandatory training at the club before moving to England."

"The reason for the transfer not happening is that I couldn't get a business licence (work permit).
"Who knows what I will do next? I have heard already that clubs are interested and that Partizan want to sell me. We'll see."

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