Man United And Man City After Giorgio Chiellini?

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Juventus centre-back Giorgio Chiellini is apparently being tracked by Manchester United and Manchester City, according to his agent. I don’t watch that much Italian football but apparently Chiellini has been impressive this season.

"The market is usually open all year and we are always speaking about things in Italy and England," Chiellini’s agent told Sky Sport Italia.

His agent was asked about interest from Manchester City and Man United, this was the response:

"Chiellini is an important player and when a player is important then it's obvious that he will interest teams”.

"But he is a Juventus player and captained the team against Milan and so I don't think there is anything in this situation."

"Like I said though, the market is always open and you always speak with everyone and all the clubs. It's not only Chiellini though. There could be other players that interest City and United.

"I am going to Tottenham to speak with them tonight as part of a transfer journey."

If Man United and Man City do go head-to-head for the player, I think we all know who can pay more for him. Is money everything? Right now it is.

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  1. Wayne Greiner says:

    Let them all sod off to City, too many cooks spoil the broth!!!.

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