Man United In Trouble?

Ever since Man United announced that they are going to try and raise £500 million through bonds there has been a lot of rumours. A document has been sent to potential buyers and it does make interesting reading.

I have scoured the internet and here are some of the main rumours of what might happen and is happening to Man United:

Old Trafford and Carrington training ground to be sold?

One of the biggest rumours today is that the Glazers may have to sell Man United’s world famous Old Trafford stadium and then lease it back. Old Trafford is one of most well known stadiums and in my eyes, it is unthinkable to sell it to someone else.

It is also believed that Man United’s state of the art training ground Carrington may also be sold and also leased back to Man United. In a 322-page document sent out to potential bond buyers it states:

'The indenture governing the Notes (bonds) will limit our ability to sell or transfer, but not prohibit us from selling or transferring, our training ground facilities and our stadium.
'Although in the sale or transfer of any of these properties, the transferee will be required to enter into a long-term lease with us to enable us to continue to have substantially the same access to such property as we currently do, if we sell or transfer either or both of these properties, we will no longer control them.'
In other words, it is a possibility that both Old Trafford and Carrington training ground could be sold.

No money to buy players?

After Man United sold Cristiano Ronaldo for £80 million during the summer, many fans expected Sir Alex Ferguson to make at least on big signing. That never happened and that has led to a lot of speculation stating that Sir Alex may not actually have any money to spend on players.

If Sir Alex wants to buy players then he will have to sell. Now most managers have to do that anyway but we need to improve the squad, which players do you sell? The other problem that you have is that you may sell the player but still can’t afford to get the player that you want.

This problem has become more and more obvious to everyone. If Sir Alex can't improve the squad then we are in big trouble.

Top players to be sold?

Since Man United announced their financial information and plans of raising £500 million there has been so much speculation and rumours. One of which is that players such as Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic will be sold to team like Real Madrid to try and get rid of some of this debt.

Man United spending money that isn't there?

This summer Man United’s shirt sponsors will no longer be AIG; instead it will be AON. The American company has agreed a four-year deal with Man United worth £80 million.

Out of that £80 million, £36 million has already been spent. As far as I know AON haven’t paid Man United anything yet so where did that money come from and what did it get spent on?

Glazers Taking Money For Themselves?

I have read most of the 322-page document, luckily The Dail Mail have broken it down and made it easier to understand. In the document it says that a total of £22.9 million has been paid out to either a company connected with the Glazers or affiliates since July 2006. Why have United paid out that amount of money? The money has been paid out due to a 'consultancy agreement' and 'management and administration fees'.

That is a lot of money for an agreement and administration fees.

What happens now?

Man United will push ahead with trying to raise the money but Man United fans have had enough and are calling for the Glazers to sell Man United. I don’t know what is going to happen but we can’t go down the same road as Leeds, something needs to be done. We are still in the hunt for the Premier League, Champions League and Carling Cup, the team and manager need to be backed and supported by the fans and that will be done.

Man United's future isn't looking good. Whoever put the document together doesn't even have faith in Man United (but I suppose they weren't a biased supporter). The document reads:

“In the Premier League, recent investment from wealthy team owners has led to teams with strong financial backing. The increase in competition could result in our first team finishing lower in the Premier League than we have in the past and jeopardising our qualification for or results in the Champions League.”

In other words, now Man City have a rich owner, they could finish higher than us.

The Daily Mail have made the document available online, which you can read if you want by clicking here.

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