Gillingham Want To Keep Brandy For A Bit Longer

Manchester United Youth v Arsenal Youth
Man United’s 20-year old striker Febian Brandy has been on loan at Gillingham for the last two months. Brandy hasn’t managed to play that much due to injuries and the weather has cancelled many matches, but Gillinham boss Mark Stimson wants to keep the player until the end of the season.

Brandy’s loan contract with the club expires after the weekend but it looks like he could stay until the end of the season, if Stimson gets his way.

Stimson said: "We’ve put a call into Manchester United to see if we can extend the loan. It was a long shot to get him to the club in the beginning and we surprised a few people by bringing him here.
"He’s enjoyed his time here and hopefully we can extend it."
"I would have thought one or two others will be looking at him," said Stimson. "He’s certainly enjoyed himself here and got a couple of goals as well. The good thing about Fab is that every game he’s played in, he has had a massive effect."

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