Neville In Trouble Over Tevez?

Football - Manchester City v Manchester United Carling Cup Semi Final First Leg
Before the Manchester derby there was an interview with Gary Neville published in one of the UK’s biggest tabloids. In that interview Neville said that he didn’t believe that Carlos Tevez was worth £25 million, and he backed manager Sir Alex Ferguson not signing the striker.

During yesterday’s game between both teams, Tevez was taunting Neville with a few hand signals, which can be interpreted as Tevez telling Neville to keep his mouth shut. Neville’s reaction was to show Tevez a middle finger gesture. That could have landed the defender in a bit of trouble with the Football Association, who have confirmed that they are looking into the incident.

I am not justifying what Neville did but Tevez was asking for it, I think that quite a few people would have reacted in the same way. I know it isn’t right when it is on the football pitch but you can’t look into what Neville did and not what Tevez did.

I have also read a few interviews with Neville over recent months and I don’t believe when he said that Tevez wasn’t worth £25 million that it was a dig at Tevez. No footballer is worth £25 million, look at what is happening over in Haiti. Owners can spend stupid amounts of money on footballers but there are places in the world where it is needed more.

After the game Manchester City player Pablo Zabaleta said:
"One Manchester United player talked about Carlos before the game so he showed he is top class, a top player. He is amazing, everyone knows Carlos is a great player. Everyone loves him. This was a special game for him, one he has been dreaming about.
"I am aware of his qualities and think he can give a repeat performance against United next week."

Where do I start with that? Tevez spoke before the game about Manchester United so Neville was in his right to talk about Tevez-everyone was talking about Tevez. I also don’t think Tevez and Manchester City in general were that good last night. They were let back into the game thanks to the referee not because of great play.

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