Support Man United; Wear Green And Yellow

Ahead of tomorrows all-important first leg tie against Manchester City, Man United fans are going back to the clubs roots. As a symbol to show the Glazers how we feel, United fans are buying green and yellow scarves.

The Glazers are putting Man United into financial difficulty and it has to be stopped now before it goes too far. Man United are now in millions and millions of pounds worth of debt and it has to be sorted, now.

For any of you who don’t know, Man United were originally Newton Heath, the colours were green and yellow. The idea behind this will show that the fans are United and TV camera’s will also pick it up. The more press attention this gets the better. Many people are used to Man United’s red, white and black, green and yellow will definitely get the attention.

Since it is a bit late in the day to let people know, this will mainly be going ahead for the Man United game against Hull this weekend.

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