What Is It With Some People?

Are some people just put on Earth to infuriate you? I was browsing through the official Manchester United forum when I came across this:

I personally feel that quite a lot of Manchester United fans are branded as glory hunters because they don't come from Manchester and I think it is unfair. Occasionally you come across complete idiots like the person above who give Man United fans a bad name.

It isn't just Man United who have this types of fans, all of the bigger teams in Europe and the world will do but it is so incredibly infuriating. How can you support a club because of one player and say the rest of the team is rubbish?

There is no I in team and this fan needs to learn that.

This is what the image says:

I'm saying good bye to the Manchester United team and fans, I was always a Ronaldo fan the rest of the team was sh!t. I will no longer be supporting the team and will burn all Man Utd possessions I have. I have decided to become a Real Madrid fan. I know many many people feel the same way I do. Man Utd will be falling apart soon. Thanks, Joe King Jr.

If you put his name together it says joking, hopefully he is because we don't want anyone like that associated with Man United.

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  1. AntiManU says:

    I'm please you are condeming this! This "fan" is a disgrace to Man Utd and the whole of football! :(

  2. rite$h says:

    This fan is a real disgrace, should have been kicked out of the forum and close his membership to the website

  3. Shuggo says:

    Hi AntiManU and rite$h, thanks for your comments.

    It is a disgrace and that fan can't be a fan of football because it doesn't work like that.

    You support your team throughout no matter what. It doesn't matter whether you are Man United or Luton Town. Supporting a team is a life long thing.

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