Man United WERE The Target

It has been revealed that Man United were the target of the Jakarta bombs on the Ritz-Carlton hotel two weeks ago. This is according to a message posted on the internet reporting to be from Indonesia's most wanted terrorist suspect Noordin Mohammed Top.

"These players are Christians, so Muslims should not honour and respect these enemies of Allah," the message said.

"They have major interests in sucking Indonesia's treasure and financing the US army to fight against Muslims and Islam".

Indonesian police are currently examining this posting, it carried Noordin's name and identified his group as "Al Qae'da in Indonesia".

The group claims to have carried out extensive research before carrying out the bombings, and they have promised to release video footage of the suicide bombers' statements.

Many of us thought that this was just a coincidence but by the sounds of it, it isn't. If this is proven to be true, will Man United really return to Indonesia?

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