Ballack Should Have Been Sent Off


The Community Shield fallout continues, Sir Alex Ferguson claims that Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack should have been shown a red card.

Moments before Chelsea's second goal, Ballack blocked Patrice Evra off with what looks like an elbow, Chelsea went down the other end and scored whilst Evra was still down.

Man United manager Sir Alex believes that, that 'challenge' on Evra should have seen Ballack being sent off.

"If the referee sees it properly, it's a red card," Fergie told The Guardian.

"He's elbowed him clearly. The referee's in line and had a clear view so Ballack's lucky. But he's made a rod for his own back. He'd stopped the game twice already: when Nani was down and on a second occasion when Ballack went down. We've seen that before with him.

"I spoke to the referee [about that previous incident] and he said it was serious and Ballack needed treatment, though he was up straight away.

"The least he should have done is stop the game. When players are acting to get the game stopped, when they lose possession and lie down. It's an area I'm concerned about.

"We've got to find a solution to that. You see it all the time when teams attack and then the other side go on a counter, so a player lies down in the penalty box to try and get the game stopped. It's not right.

"The referee didn't get it right today. You have to be consistent and he blew twice but not the third time."

When I saw that challenge I thought it would be a yellow card but looking back at it, it should have been a red. The referee had a good angle and he should have seen that.

Not long after, Patrice Evra was shown a yellow card for a clean tackle on Ballack.

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