Yet Another Swipe From Carlos Tevez

Sports - October 25, 2007
Carlos Tevez has had jet another swipe at his former club Man United. Ahead of a massive semi-final second leg derby match tomorrow, Tevez believes that he is now at the right club (who pays him lots of money) and things just weren’t right at Old Trafford.

Tevez said: “I feel I’ve shown I’m at the right club now. Everyone knows how important the fans are at this club and, if I make them happy, it’s an honour.”

“I think the United fans know I tried hard. City is my club now, a place where I feel part of everything. Maybe this wasn’t always the way at United.”

“I wasn’t happy about some things there.”

When Tevez was at Man United, he couldn’t have got anymore support from the fans. The fans were 100% behind him so that couldn’t have been the problem.

Maybe he wasn’t happy about not playing all the time but he hasn’t played all the time at City either. I still honestly believe that it was all about money, I read somewhere that he got a 75% pay rise when he moved to City, most people would move for that.

So whilst Tevez is bitching about Man United, his former team-mate Wayne Rooney has had some nice things to say about the Argentine.

"Carlos was a lovely fella, an honest player who ran for 90 minutes every week and you can't ask for more from a team-mate," the Man United striker told FourFourTwo magazine.

"I think he realised early on that I'm quite an unselfish player, that if he was in a better position I would give him the ball and that if he stayed up I would drop back to cover.

"We had that great bond where we'd work for each other and, because we lived round the corner from one another, we'd drive each other to training or drive to the airport together for away games."

I did notice when reading though that Rooney says Tevez ‘was’ a lovely fella. Does that mean he isn’t anymore?

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